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If you love music, you are definitely fond of games devoted to music. But have you ever tried Osu!? If not, it is the right time to get acquainted with this thrilling entertainment! It is a rhythm game with no analogs. Here, you will fully immerse yourself in a world of notes and melodies. And the best feature of this project is that you can enjoy with other players in real-time and even compete with them! Osu! has attracted a huge community where you can interact with real players from all over the world. So if you really love music, do not miss this fun!

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Do your best to catch the rhythm!

Let’s find out a bit more about what you should do in Osu. The key point is more than simple – every time, you need to follow the music rhythm without fail. But you need to study well all the nuances, as without these, you will not succeed. So, be prepared that you will need to activate your attention and speed of reaction to successfully complete all the tasks. The ultimate goal is obvious – you must catch the notes floating on the screen so that they match the music. There are different ways to do it. If you see a spinner in front of you, make sure you move it as fast as you only can. And when you deal with a slider, you should run the ball over it.

Every correct move will bring you experience points. The player has several lives he can use during the round. But every time you make mistakes, one of your lives is gone. You can choose the music you like or just enjoy a ransom song – it is entirely up to you. If you do not find the preferred song in the library – you can download it from your own sources. It is highly recommended not to miss a chance to listen to popular Japanese tunes and music from famous anime series.

Enjoy several cool modes

Osu! comes with a few different modes. They are so skillfully designed that each of them looks like a separate game. You should start with Catch the Beat mode – here, you will be collecting fruits on your plate. But you will have to follow the rhythm while doing it. Then, take time to test Taiko, where you need to tap circles to the beats of the music. And, of course, you should not miss Osu! Mania. This mode will make you click on the notes as they move along the conveyor. No matter which of these three variants you will choose, you will enjoy the gameplay as it will not allow you to relax even for a minute. You can even play together with other players in real time. This project has a huge community, so you will definitely not feel lonely or bored in OSU!

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