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If you love musical games, you definitely know OSU! This thrilling project has already attracted more than 200 thousand players from all corners of the planet. Actually, OSU! is very similar to other rhythmical games. However, the variety of modes makes it totally different and really engaging compared to similar entertainment.

Use skins!

The authors and fans keep contributing to OSU! by adding thrilling skins. Players can use these to make the gameplay more enjoyable. Some skins can fully restyle everything, and you will gain an entirely new experience. You can use skins to experiment with different elements – change sounds, spinners, circles and much. But where can you get these instruments? It is enough to visit the official site of OSU! to find dozens if not hundreds of skins. The most popular add-ons include Dokidokiolixx, FlyingTuna, Yugen, and even Minecraft. And their range is continuously growing. Besides, you are welcome to create even your own skin and share it with others. It will be fabulous to enjoy OSU! in a refreshed format.

Switch between modes!

Do not forget that OSU! comes in many modes! You can freely play all of them to test which one is the best for you. They all have one and the same mission the player needs to complete – you should catch the music rhythm. But each particular mode offers you to do it in a different way – you will be catching fruits, rolling spinners, moving sliders and much more. And each variant allows you to use endless spins for more fun!

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