FNF Character Test Playground 2

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Every player knows Friday Night Funkin – a thrilling universe where rap battles never stop. The main character, Boyfriend, is going through a special trial – he needs to beat every opponent in the rhythmical battle to prove to Daddy Dearest that he deserves to date his daughter. But this time, the players are offered to do something new! You will yourself become a character designer!

Experiment with the FNF heroes!

Have you ever thought about adding new features to the characters you see in the game? Now, you will receive an ideal opportunity for this! A new mod comes with a built-in editor that will allow you to experiment with lots of parameters of the playable personages. You can change their appearances, poses, and backgrounds – there is a stunning selection of options in the menu. And the best thing is that you can change the voice pitch of many characters and make them sing in a completely new way. It sounds great, doesn’t it? So let’s try it right now!

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