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Do you love everything connected with music and rhythm? Then, you should enjoy OSU 2! This is a unique project where you just need to follow the rhythm. The game is very popular nowadays as it has several hundred thousand maps with different musical compositions, from classical music to modern hits. Maps must be downloaded independently through the official OSU! website.

Choose the preferred mode!

The entertainment offers you several modes to choose from. They all have different designs but one common feature – you need to catch the rhythm of the music. Every time, notes are represented in a different form. The Standard mode will make you press the notes that appear on the screen. You will move the ball along the sliders and rotate the spinner as quickly as possible. All successful moves will bring you points and wrong moves will take your lives. In OSU!Catch, you will see notes as fruits that are falling from the top of the screen. The main task of the player is to catch them all on the plate. Taiko mode will immediately remind you of Japanese drumming. The player needs to click on the red and blue circles on the conveyor, which, in turn, will hit on the center or edge of the drum.

Interact with other players!

One of the undeniable advantages of OSU! is the ability to play together with other players. The OSU! community counts more than 200 thousand users. So you can enter the multiplayer competition and directly interact with others. In this case, you must aim to earn as many points as possible and get the maximum number of points. Good performance will help you climb up in the leaderboard. All you need to do is to find one of the hundreds of beatmaps and join the ongoing competition. One map can host up to sixteen players at the same time. To make the whole process even more exciting, you can use a lot of thrilling skins – these will greatly restyle the game design. You will find endless options on the official site or thematic forums. If you have not played OSU! before, it may seem too complicated at first glance. But the Standard Mode is the easiest to master – so do not hesitate to give it a try!

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