FNF Character Test Playground 3

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If you are a fan of the rhythmical Friday Night Funkin series, then you know well how everything is arranged here. In the majority of mods, you need to take part in a rap battle, where your only mission is to dance better than your opponent and win the duel. But this time, your task is somewhat different. There will be no competition in the dancing arena now – you will be offered something absolutely new!

Redesign FNF characters!

It is a new release of Character Test Playground that allows you to work with a special editor. The previous mod offered you to interact only with the main heroes. But now, the gallery of personages has been expanded – you will find a lot of secondary characters you can modify. So start your experiments – change the appearance, backgrounds, and even voice pitch. It will be fun to see your favorite heroes sound in a completely new way. You can perform the same actions with absolutely everyone you see in the gallery. Do your best for all of them to look new!

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