Beam Ball

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If you want to check your agility and reaction, welcome to the Beam Ball game. This is simple entertainment where you just need to be attentive and fast. You play for a ball that needs to avoid being killed by a laser beam. And the mission is not to be destroyed by it. Are you brave to give it a try? So let’s get started to see whether you can manage it.

What is your task?

Once you start playing, you will see two balls on the screen – one is red and the other is blue. So what’s next? Then you will see different lines approaching you from different sides. You need to move and turn the balls in a way for the right color of them to cross the same color of the laser beam. In this case, you will just break the beam and continue playing. But if you do not match the color of the laser and the ball, the game is over for you. The entertainment requires a high level of concentration and lightning reaction. Check your skills right away – it is going to be much fun! How many levels will you manage to pass?

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