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Everyone knows Beethoven, who created a lot of masterpieces. In this fun game, you will have a chance to meet this great composer face to face. The master is going to give a grand concert in a music hall. But shortly before the event, some terrible thing happens – the sheets with his notes have slipped off his hand! Now, everything is in a big mess, and the composer does not know where is the beginning and the end. Will you come to his rescue and help him arrange everything in time for the concert?

How well do you know Beethoven?

The game is designed in a puzzle style. You will have to deal with the most known works of this brilliant musician. Do you remember them well? You will see several sheets with notes and the title of the musical masterpiece. Your task is to rearrange them in a way for the melody to sound correct. Will you manage to move the elements to their right places from the first try? Start the game right now and check your musical background. Have fun!

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