Beat Line

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How skillfully can you navigate in a complicated 3D environment? Let’s check it in Beat Line. But there is one important nuance you need to take into account before you start this challenge – you must have high-level musical skills! The game is fully built on rhythm. So if you believe your musical ear is excellent, do not hesitate to give it a try!

How to play?

You will see a bright screen in front of you and you will also hear background music. So your task is to follow the rhythm of the music and repeat it precisely by drawing a line on the screen. It only seems very simple, but shortly after the start, you will realize that it is extremely difficult to make the right and timely turn. So take some time to train and tap the screen at the right moment to be able to continue the adventure. You will be able to select the preferred music and enjoy colorful visual effects. Just avoid hitting the edges of the track, as in this case, the game will be over for you. Good luck!

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