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Osu! is a Japanese rhythm game with multiple modes. This entertainment is very popular among professional gamers and e-sportsmen, as well as those players who just look for fun. There is an obvious reason for it – OSU! perfectly boosts reaction, peripheral vision and rhythm. The activity is about pressing notes and sliders to the music at the right time – you just need to focus on the music and concentrate. Do you want to learn more about it?

Test all modes

The entertainment has several modes that considerable differs from each other. However, it is difficult to predict which you will like the best. Here is a short review of the most popular ones. Osu! Taiko was inspired by a very famous game in the countries of the East. Here, the player needs to press one of the four notes on the keyboard according to the rhythm. This activity simulates drum beats. Another mode you should try is Osu! Catch. Here, the user needs to use the arrows and acceleration to control the character holding the plate. For every object you manage to catch you will receive points. And do not forget to play Osu! Mania. In this variation of the entertainment, you need to press 1 to 18 keys according to the rhythm. No matter what your choice is, you should demonstrate an excellent sense of rhythm if you want to achieve a high score. The game is absolutely free, and you can play it whenever you want and for as long as you wish.

Experiment with skins

Besides the ability to enjoy different modes, you can further modify each of them by using a variety of skins. You may know from other gaming projects that these codes are aimed at adding special zest to any entertainment. You can experiment with all game elements, using the appropriate skins. These can be found on the official OSU! site or on special forums dedicated to this rhythmical project. Do not hesitate to try as many skins as possible – this approach will allow you to experience a new story every time you play it. And the best benefit of OSU! is the ability to compete with other players. The OSU! community is literally huge, and you can interact with any user in real time. The aim is to get as high score as possible to move up in the leader board. As you see, there are lots of ways to enjoy this musical adventure. But one thing is sure – no matter what mode or skin you use, this activity will bring you a lot of pleasant moments. Join now to have fun!

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