Piano Tiles 3

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Do you love music? Then you definitely like to play online games devoted to music! And here is one of them – Piano Tiles 3. What are you supposed to do in this entertainment? It is really simple but the activity will require all your agility! On the screen in front of you, you will see musical notes falling from the top. And your task is to catch them all!

Do not miss a single tile!

Piano tiles will run unbelievably fast, and you only need to hit the right keys to keep the game going. If you play well and push all the keys in time, the melody will sound good, and if you play it wrong, you won’t be able to hear the song anymore. Do not get upset if you cannot do it right at first – little training will do its job, and you will see results! You should collect as many gems as possible during the round – these will allow you to unlock new songs and have even more fun. This simple entertainment will not let you relax. But at the same time, it will help you efficiently train your agility and improve your skills.

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