Bongo Cat

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You will not believe but even cats can play music! Welcome to Bongo Cat to see everything with your own eyes. He is your new hero in this online entertainment, and he can play various musical instruments. When you start the game, you will see several types of instruments. These are not only traditional guitar and piano. You will be able to select a flute, cymbals and even maracas. It will be possible to test even a bell or a whistle! Are you ready to start this adventure?

Create your own tune!

This entertainment allows you not only to play music but also to invent it. The sound of each instrument is very close to how it sounds in real life, so you will be amazed by their variety. After you create your unique ringtone, you can record it and share it on social networks. The more tunes you come up with, the more bonuses you will earn. These experience points will allow you to unlock more musical instruments. Have fun with Bongo Cat!

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