OSU! Mania

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Rhythm games are becoming more and more popular. There are dozens of interesting projects you can enjoy today. But some of them are really unique and worth attention. And OSU! Mania is among them! It is one of the four popular modes of legendary OSU!. The game keeps on the peak of its popularity for many years, and its international community is only growing every day. If you believe your sense of rhythm is excellent, it is time to give this fabulous entertainment a try!

How to play?

The key idea of the game remains exactly the same as in other project variations – you need to catch the rhythm of the music. This mode has skillfully combined the features of the most popular rhythm games, where notes run along the conveyor. Your task is to press them on time and as accurately as possible. Although this OSU! version initially repeats Beatmania IIDX, you can easily make it look like Guitar Hero by changing the number of buttons or Dance Dance Revolution, and actually whatever you want. You can also adjust the speed of falling notes.

Try to reach the highest score!

You can enjoy this game alone. But unlike many similar projects, OSU! offers a unique possibility to interact with other players for a better gaming experience. The game has three main aspects of competition between players. In a multiplayer format, up to 16 players can compete in the same map at the same time. On separate maps, players compete for points on various leaderboards. Players also aim to get the best place in the overall ranking, which is calculated based on the number of performance points. So as you see, you will have enough fun here – join now to enjoy OSU!Mania!

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