Tom And Jerry Music Maker

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Everyone knows Tom and Jerry. These personages have already entertained several generations and are still very popular. You may have already tested lots of games with these characters, and this time a new adventure is awaiting you. Tom and Jerry are inviting you to create some music together. Do you have enough skills for this non-standard task? Then let’s give it a try!
Come up with a unique song!
The game comes with a very interesting detail – you will interact with notes that are designed in a very weird style. They all are represented by fruits and other items. So you will interact with the images of banana, pine-apple, orange and even a computer. Your melody will depend on how skillfully you will mix these things. Once you manage to get something really good – save it to share with friends! Are you already impatient to see the potential outcome? Then join the game and create your first song! We bet you are going to enjoy it!

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